Friday, February 08, 2008

NEW Tri-Axial, Transient Shock Logger

Press Release
Release date: February 4, 2008

MadgeTech, Inc. Introduces the TSR101, Tri-Axial, Transient Shock Logger

February 4, 2008

MadgeTech, Inc., the leader in reliable, low-cost data logging solutions is pleased to announce the TSR101, a tri-axial, transient shock data logger. The unit is ideal for applications requiring characterizing of environments such as packaging and fragility assessment (drop testing), break and crash testing, and shipment validation.

When a user specified trigger setting is exceeded (specified shock value), the TSR101 records a window of the Pre and Post trigger data. Users specify a reading rate between 1,024Hz to 1Hz, allowing for the capture of everything from high speed acceleration data, to tracking fragile shipments overtime. The device is equipped with built-in accelerometers and measures dynamic and static acceleration.

The non-volatile solid state memory provides maximum security, even if the battery becomes discharged. The device can be started and stopped directly from a computer. The TSR101 makes data retrieval quick and easy, simply plug it into an empty COM or USB port and the user-friendly software does the rest.

For more information on the TSR101 please visit our website at or call (603) 456-2011.

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